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New Mailing List Service Offers Hot Sales Prospects in the Gambling Marketplace and is Provided by a Disabled Veteran Owned and Operated Company.

Marketing for gambling can be straightforward, but there are plenty of variables out there. With the right gambler mailing list services, companies can reach the whales they need to bring in to stay open and profitable.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing recently announced that they are now providing Las Vegas Gambler Mailing List services to their clients. Las Vegas is the mecca for gambling, and while there are numerous high rollers flocking to the city each day, getting their attention means being able to find them, connect with them, and show them why they should visit a particular establishment.

With help from these new Las Vegas Gambler Mailing lists, casinos and gambling establishments will be able to reach new and existing clientele as well as build up their list of high rollers and lower-limit patrons. They can also expand their business operations in a way that takes them into the future.

The Difference Sprint Data Solutions Offers

Sprint Data Solutions offers plenty of things that help them stand out from the rest and numerous reasons why the gambler mailing list services they offer are well worth paying attention to. The business began in the heart of gambling country and continues to be a Las Vegas-based organization.

Initially, Sprint Data focused on providing direct mailing lists to its clients before branching out and offering mailing list services in the digital realm, including email lists, telemarketing lists, social media lists, and much more. Today, the business has more than 50 years of combined experience in various areas of marketing. The team uses the latest tools and techniques to create gambler mailing lists that are highly accurate and much more likely to turn leads into conversions when used as part of a major marketing push.

The company is owned and operated by a veteran, which means that clients not only get the best possible gambler mailing lists but can also take pride knowing that they are supporting an individual dedicated to service. And the business’ local location means that lists are even more accurate and personalized. Some of the services and benefits that Sprint Data Solutions offers include the following:

Artificial Intelligence Created Lists

Managing the large sets of data required to accurately create a good mailing list isn’t easy to do. Sprint Data uses an artificial intelligence system that complies, analyzes, and reviews data. It looks for patterns and then factors in the needs of the client to deliver the best results and the most effective lists possible for them. This is the key way that the Las Vegas Gambler mailing lists from Sprint are so effective—they’re built using a system that can put large data to work for it.


Slots players are a huge source of income for casinos and one of the staples of any facility. But to get the best slot players, specifically the right ones, reaching out to and contacting them is important. Sprint Data Solutions connects casino marketing teams with slot players who will give them a big boost to revenue and play.

While most poker rooms won’t bring in the big bucks that the rest of the building will, poker players do spread throughout the rest of the building and can bring revenue streams in. Attracting them is important, and giving them the information about the poker room and rest of the facility is a must. Sprint Data Solutions makes it easy to connect with the poker players who matter.


Blackjack is one of the main areas for table games in casinos, and the players on blackjack tables will often end up contributing to a facility’s bottom line in a big way. That’s why it’s important to attract them. Sprint Data Solutions provides lists targeted to the right blackjack players and built on activity, play, and much more. This gives marketers a deep set of leads that can bring profits to the casino.


The craps tables can be exciting, but they can also be profitable. Sprint Data Solutions makes it possible to identify the players in the industry who prefer craps and will give the tables the action they need without having to waste time, energy, and resources on the wrong individuals.


Roulette has one of the biggest holds in the building, and as such, you should aim to get those tables full. Luckily, Sprint Data Solutions ensures that casinos can reach the right kind of players for their roulette tables. The key is focusing on those who will be receptive to play and will stay and spend money, and Sprint Data identifies them in their Gambler Mailing Lists.

High-Limit Players
While it’s important to keep the casino floor busy and make sure that there’s plenty of fun, excitement, action, and profit coming in, it’s equally important to attract the high rollers. They are the “whales” that can spend hundreds of thousands in a single day and still come back for more.

Once they’re on the property, making them happy is the goal. But first, you have to actually get them on-site. Sprint Data Solutions uses large pools of data to identify the right players and their habits before presenting them to clients. Casino marketers can then use those Gambler Mailing Lists to spend their time and energy on landing the big players who can be instrumental in maintaining strong profit margins.

Plotting The Future Of A Casino Marketing Plan
Casino marketing can seem simple enough, but in the long run, organizations need to be able to identify specific trends and clients within the industry and develop the right marketing plan for reaching them. They should be able to do so without having to waste time or energy on those who won’t be interested in the facility.

Sprint Data Solutions Worldwide Marketing offers curated lists that are accurate and effective and can help marketers get the results they need. To find out more, don’t hesitate to visit our website today.